4C 4-Step Recipe

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4C 4-Step Recipe

4C hair is not ugly nor hard to manage. However, it does need some extra love and care to flourish, and you can achieve that with this recipe. 4C hair is thicker because of how tight the curl pattern is, which means it shrinks more and loses moisture easily.


Our hydrating recipe will help you to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize your hair with ease. This regimen works perfectly for wash days and will keep your hair moisturized for days.


This recipe contains;

  • One 8-oz Shampoo
  • One 8-oz Milk leave-in conditioner
  • One 6-oz Whipped Butter Creme
  • One 4-oz Rosemary Stimulating Hair Oil


4C hair is fragile and needs love and care. Be sure to only use silk scarves, hair ties, and pillow cases to prevent breakage.


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