Mission & Vision

What is inside of our Haircare: 
We use plant-derived, natural and organic ingredients in all products, however, our products are not considered ALL natural or organic.
VEGAN-Friendly: Most of our products are vegan friendly (no honey, beeswax, goats milk or animal protein that can cause allergies in people with sensitive skin)
NATURAL-Friendly: Our products do not contain: mineral oil, or damaging sulfates, DEA, petroleum, synthetic colors, or drying alcohols. Fragrances used are phthalate-free.
CRUELTY FREE: We do not test on animals

Mission Statement:

The Human of Color hair care is a plant- derived hair care line that caters to the textured and curly head community. We provide moisture retention, shine and stimulating growth, throughout our complete product line in every step of the stage.


Vision Statement:
When you hold a bottle of The Human Of Color product, you’re holding something that STANDS for something, Social justice, Equal opportunity and a closure of the financial gap among the Black community working hard to keep recycling our dollars. Products that are plant- derived, natural friendly and organic fri that are created by a textured headed woman who knows the needs of her customers. The Human Of Color Haircare is made to support the needs of all our textured and curly headed ladies and men. Products that serve Moisture Retention, Shine and Growth.
The Human Of Color Haircare goal is to support the black community (textured and curly headed) and to provide us with something we know is really ours


Core Values:
Guest Service, Satisfaction & Value
We work hard to provide The Human Of Color Haircare customers with an exceptional level of guest service via online and in-person ( stores). We listen, we anticipate, and we truly enjoy assisting you to the best of our ability. We also structure our prices to be as straightforward and inclusive as possible, as well as competitive for what we offer. All of this helps us to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Community Involvement
The Human Of Color Haircare recognizes that we are a small part of a greater community — and that’s not just our immediate community, but the entire Mid-West area and beyond. As a moving part of our community, we do what we can to give back by participating in charities, donating services and products, and sharing our time.

Teachable and Learning Environment
The Human Of Color Hair focus on fun and balance. We stress the need for a work/life balance, making sure that what each person who works for us gets to do what they love every minute of the day. Creating opportunity to support our youth by internships and scholarships that impart passion and vision that fuels goodness into the future.

The Human Of Color Haircare takes personal responsibility for our actions, our words and our performance. We show leadership through our actions, We actively engage in discussions and follow through on commitments, We communicate in an honest and authentic manner.

The Human Of Color Haircare is brave enough to challenge the status quo and we embrace change. We think innovatively, We ask: Why? And we ask: Why not?