Where it got started!

The story of The Human Of Color is really the story of who a young Black woman, who found her self after years of hiding from her self for years. The Human Of Color Haircare Brand is very intentional with supporting our community- mentally, emotionally, and physically. THOC is a reflection of many young ladies journey of being natural.

When Tianna was 22, she made the decision to go natural with my hair. It wasn’t an easy choice and she was afraid, but she knew in my heart it was what she wanted and needed to do. She thought to myself, “I’m going to do this? No more hiding. This is who I am as a woman, this is what I want the world to see.” She was completely unprepared for the significance this decision would have on her and her self esteem at first.

​She felt an embarrassment unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She felt like the ugliest person on the planet, not seeing other woman in the media that looked like her, nor any of her friends embracing their natural hair. She couldn’t believe the shock and sadness that had overcome her. What she saw in the mirror was the picture of everything society and the world defined as the opposite of beauty. 

She cried, she cried for hours. It was an inconsolable feeling. She then called her parents but even then she couldn’t find relief. She tried to talk to her mom but the hurt she felt inside was too great. She told her, “you don’t understand, you’re married, you’ve already found love, you don’t know this pain. That was when everything changed.

My father came to her then and took her in his arms. He held me and told me of the beauty he saw in her. He told her of the love he felt for her and how it had never been tied to how she looked or the style of her hair.

This experience is the root of her determination to help other black women and men to find the beauty in themselves that her dad showed to her.