How to Use Our Products

We have put together a library of resources for our customers to browse in search of “ How to use our products “. We wanted each lady to be able to SEE their selves in us, every curl, every wave and texture. All videos are 100% customers that use our products ( non paid actors). 



4C Revamp Curls 




 3C Curls Wash Day Routine (Air Dry)

Featured Products: -Mango Curly Custard -Jelly Gel -Rosemary Growth Oil -Whipped Shea Butter

 Protective Style( Twist Out-4C Hair)  

Products used:
Hair type: 4c


Styling 3A Curls


Night Time Routine

Products used:
Hair type:4c

 Wash and Go (4c Hair)

Products used: 
Mango Curl Defining Custard-
Intense Hydrating Shampoo -


How To Keep Your Scalp Moisturized In A Protective Style 

Products used: Rosemary Stimulating Hair Growth Oil -