Youth Link

Youth Link

We believe in the power of collaboration to bring about positive change in our community. In July, we had the privilege of partnering with YouthLink's hair care fundraiser, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to supporting young individuals in need.

During this initiative, we generously provided space at their Farmer's Market booth for the Young Professionals Board to educate the public about our mission and work. We deeply appreciate this partnership, which allowed us to reach a broader audience.


The collective efforts of the board resulted in an impressive $540 raised, specifically designated to provide hair care products for young people facing homelessness. Moreover, on Thursday, August 17, we organized a Backpack Giveaway Event to further support these youth.

Understanding the unique needs of our young friends, many of whom are mobile and carry their belongings with them, we recognize the importance of travel-sized products. We are committed to meeting their specific requirements and would appreciate guidance on your end to facilitate this order.

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