Children's Hospital, MN

Children's Hospital, MN

At Human of Color Hair Care, we are deeply honored to be a part of the largest pediatric healthcare system, serving the most incredible children. Our mission has always been to make a positive impact, and we recently took a significant step in this direction.

We provided a range of products, including 700 brushes and bonnets, to stock on every floor of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Campus. This endeavor not only filled the hospital with our care and compassion but also forged a special partnership with the hospital pharmacy. Together, we are now able to make our products available for purchase by patients, offering them quality solutions for their unique hair care needs.

(Youth Customer embracing her beautiful curls)

This collaboration exemplifies our unwavering commitment to the well-being of the children we serve. We believe in the importance of making their healthcare experience a little brighter and more comfortable.

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