The Brand:

Everything about The Human Of Color Haircare is sourced and supported by all black local vendors.  THOC doesn't leave leave anything to chance. From the size, shape, and color of the packages, to the labels, the imagery, mixing the product and filling the bottles, the marketing, the sales, the web design. It's is all intentional and has a story be-hide it. 

Many ladies in our texture have thoughts, if there is true beauty and power in black hair, then why can’t I find anything that works for me? Why am I using all these products that claim to be for me but aren’t made or controlled or designed by anyone that looks like me? How do these brands know what my hair needs? Not all hair is the same or has the same needs and just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean that a certain woman’s product is going to serve the needs of my hair.

When you hold a bottle of The Human Of Color product, you’re holding something that STANDS for something, Social justice, Equal opportunity and a closure of the financial gap among the Black community working hard to keep the recycling our our dollars. Products that are all natural and vegan, that is created by a textured headed woman who knows the needs of her customers. The Human Of Color Haircare is made to support the needs of all our textured and curly headed ladies and men. Products that serve Moisture Retention, Shine and Growth. 

The Human Of Color Haircare goal is to support the black community (textured and curly headed) and to provide us with something we know is really ours. 

The Human Of Color Haircare was created because hair is our expression. It’s part of who we are, it’s the culture. There is so much diversity and creativity in black hair. We change it for the occasion, we change it to match our feelings, we show off who we are with our hair.